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Upcoming courses

Introducing Business Acumen

Course code: BUS01

Through our Business Acumen workshop you will
improve your judgment and decisiveness skills.
Business Acumen is all about seeing the big picture
and recognizing that all decisions no matter how
small can have an effect on the bottom line. You will
increase your financial literacy and improve your
business sense. Business Acumen will give you an
advantage everyone wishes they had. The workshop
will help you recognize learning events, manage risk
better, and increase your critical thinking. Business
Acumen has the ability to influence your whole
organization, and provide that additional edge that
will lead to success.

  • Know how to see the big picture
  • Develop a risk management strategy
  • Know how to practice financial literacy
  • Develop critical thinking
  • Practice management acumen
  • Find key financial levers
  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Line managers and team leaders
  • Marketers and sales personnel
  • All professionals interested in personal development

If interested in this course contact Abilitude Professional Solutions on info@abilitude.co.rw or call
+250 722 000 111

Course details

Course level: Basic
Start date: Tuesday 21st May 2019
Finish date: Tuesday 21st May 2019
Location: Kigali, Rwanda                                             

Price: US $115

Subject to discount if you book more than one course in the same week

2 courses: discounted to US $110 each

3 courses or more: discounted to $105 each

Terms and Conditions