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Introducing Budgeting and Financial Control

Course code: FIN02

Money matters can be intimidating for even the smartest people. However, having a solid
understanding of basic financial terms and methods is crucial to your career. When terms like ROI, EBIT,
GAAP, and extrapolation join the conversation, you’ll want to know what people are talking about, and
you’ll want to be able to participate in the discussion.

The Budgeting And Financial Control course will give you a solid foundation in finance. We’ll cover topics
like commonly used terms, financial statements, budgets, forecasting, purchasing decisions, and
financial legislation.

  • Identify financial terminology
  • Understand financial statements
  • Identify how to analyze financial statements
  • Understand budgets
  • How to make budgeting easy
  • Understand advanced forecasting techniques
  • Understand how to manage the budget
  • Identify How to make smart purchasing decisions
  • Identify the legal aspects of finances

During this course the following online simulations will be carried out during the day to re-inforce the

  • Small business owners and entrepreneurs
  • Non-finance managers
  • Administrative staff
  • All professionals interested in developing knowledge and skills in budgeting and financial control

If interested in this course contact Abilitude Professional Solutions on info@abilitude.co.rw or call
+250 722 000 111

Course details

Course level: Basic
Start date: Wednesday 22nd May 2019
Finish date: Wednesday 22nd May 2019
Location: Kigali, Rwanda

Price: US $115

Subject to discount if you book more than one course in the same week

2 courses: discounted to US $110 each

3 courses or more: discounted to $105 each

Terms and Conditions