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Consultancy at
Abilitude Professional Solutions

At Abilitude we believe that all organizations including, small, medium sized businesses and non-profits can benefit from the deployment of the tools that big businesses use to create success and global growth. We carefully customize and tailor interventions and tools to support our clients in achieving the kind of success that exceeds expectation.

Our philosophy is that tools such as the Balanced Scorecard for strategy formulation and implementation need not be too complex or expensive for the small and medium sized businesses and non -profits to implement. Transformational change and performance management are just as important to the small business as they are to listed companies.

We also believe that small to medium sized businesses can benefit from the deployment of good governance as espoused in the King IV Code on Corporate Governance and that with the right guidance even SMEs can implement governance structures and processes that will unlock value and facilitate growth.

Contact us today for a discussion on any of our key areas which include:

  1. Strategy formulation and implementation using the balanced scorecard methodology
  2. Board induction and Corporate governance training
  3. Corporate recovery and business process re-engineering
  4. Business valuation
  5. Assistance with venture capital funding and investment sourcing for growth and expansion

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