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About Abilitude

Abilitude Professional Solutions is an innovative business consultancy firm, based in Kigali – Rwanda, offering professional solutions for business professionals and entrepreneurs in the following two key areas:

1. Capacity building for professional growth and skills development for professionals who are employed.

These interventions focus on the following key areas:

  • Personal effectiveness for business professionals
  • Developing and understanding your personal strengths and competencies
  • Mentorship and coaching to unlock personal excellence and potential

Understanding your personal motivation and conflict styles.

2. Professional solutions for entrepreneurial capacity, skills and competency development.

Abilitude is about enhancing your ability to succeed. Our aim is to improve the person of the entrepreneur and improving the technical skills of the entrepreneur, to give you the best chance of success. The key offerings here include:

  • New Business Bootcamps to get new ventures up and running
  • Business growth boot camps – to unlock entrepreneurial capacity and growth for profitability
  • Strategy formulation and implementation using the balanced scorecard method for entrepreneurs
  • Financial skills and performance management for entrepreneurs
  • Business valuation and strategic alliances for entrepreneurs
  • Enhancing small business through marketing and social media tools

Developing entrepreneurs through business simulation.

Our Team

Abilitude Professional solutions, works with its team of qualified and experienced professionals drawn across Southern Africa who are capable of customizing training for specific corporate and individual needs.

We operate in the following key countries:

  • Rwanda
  • Zimbabwe
  • Botswana
  • Namibia

Our methodology

Abilitude seeks to bring simplicity and order in the often complex world of business and work in a way that unlocks potential, value and profit. We believe that our education system may not have prepared both professionals in business, and entrepreneurs alike, with adequate skills and competencies to cope with the ambiguities and uncertainty in the current ever changing world of business

As such Abilitude has a suite of interventions that have been designed with a specific focus on delivering value in our African context, whilst paying attention to the distinct cultural and specific environmental issues faced by the business professional or entrepreneur.

Abilitude leverages on the power of teamwork and collective experience of its broad team to deliver quality of service and products for its clients. We have exceptional experience and competencies in the consultancy field aimed at non-profit and private business alike.

At Abilitude we believe that the “one size” fits all approach to capacity building and skills development is not suitable for the African context. Abilitude further asserts that “cut and paste’ solutions, most often borrowed from success stories elsewhere, are often applied without regard to the peculiar circumstances, or in the least, a clear understanding of the success factors.

Our clients value the unique methods used by Abilitude in the delivery of training. At Abilitude we care about your progress. Your progress is our success.

Our areas of specialism

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